Dick Russell

Dick Russell

Dick Russell trained dogs professionally for over 50 years. He said that it was his craft and his life. Moreover, his way with dogs was an art form.

For more than 30 of his last years, Dick helped Baton Rouge area dog owners turn their pups into the pets they dreamt of having. Dick Russell was a Baton Rouge institution. If you had a question about dogs, if you wanted to train a dog, you contacted Dick. To this day, there are few people you can talk to in our community where the name Dick Russell isn’t immediately connected with dogs, or a story about training a dog with him isn’t shared.

However, Dick Russell was not just a local treasure. Dick was an active and respected member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. He is credited with introducing training innovations that are accepted nationally and internationally on how to make dog training easier, gentler and more rational. Dick was inducted posthumously into the
IACP Hall of Fame in April of 2011.

Dick Russell
1938 - 2011

“Whatever it takes for the life of your dog”

When you and your dog enroll in my obedience class, I make a lifetime commitment to your desire that they become an enjoyable pet. Within the confines of the class setting, I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to achieve this, and it will never cost you another cent.